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06 Feb 2023

Slide switches offer package sizes as small as 10 x 2.5 x 5.9 mm, making them ideal for a variety of space-constrained designs. Our mini slide switches feature 2.54 mm pitches, SPDT circuits, raised or flat actuator levels, and on-on switch functions. Available in gull wing or PC pin terminations, our slide switches offer surface mount or through hole mounting styles as well as vertical or horizontal orientations.
raised actuator
through hole mounting/vertical..
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30 Jan 2023

Fifth generation of OSLON Square with improved radiation pattern and enhanced performance. Most compact high-power LED with well known superior robustness, high reliability, long lifetime and low thermal resistance
Highbay Industrial
Highbay Retail
Horticulture Lighting
Human Centric Lighting
Mood Lighting
Stage Lighting (LED & Laser)
Street, Tunnel and Outdoor
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23 Jan 2023

Panel Potentiometers are variable resistors that are commonly used for all applications involving a reasonable number of cycles (few tens of thousands, manually actuated). Mounted behind the front panel for various equipment, they frequently feature buttons mounted on their shafts. Typical applications include: setting the light or the brightness of a screen, turning the volume for an audio application, setting the speed on tool machining equipment, or various parameters for industrial remote c..
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16 Jan 2023

Bel Fuse introduces the new SMP3 family of connectors. SMP3 is the next generation of sub-miniature push-on style connectors. It follows the prior generation SMPM and SMP connectors. SMP3 is more miniaturized (approximately 30% smaller than SMPM) and operates to 67 GHz by design. It is ideal for applications where there is high shock and vibration. The design is similar to SMPM and SMP for its utilization of a floating bullet. This helps compensate for axial and radial misalignment when mati..
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09 Jan 2023

Extrusion EMI Gasket in solid round and tube shape having conductive strip of fluorosilicone binding, filled with nickel plated graphite and Silver Plated Aluminum material with 1 - 10 meter length. Extruded EMI Gasket, Conductive Strip, Silicone Binding, Nickel Plated Graphite (Ni/C) Filler, Solid Round, 1 m [3.28 ft] Long, Kemtron 1201 Series.
Product Features
Gasket Type: Extruded EMI Gasket
Finished Type: Conductive Strip
Binding Material: Silicone
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